What is investing in real estate prior to construction?

When it comes to real estate, pre-construction investments are a very clever strategy that has helped many people make millions of dollars. The concept is quite straightforward. Before the property is even in the planning stage, invest in it. To get these buildings built, the people who will be building them need money and investors. Investors can resell the property at full market value once the building is finished, pocketing the difference between the original investment and the asking price, by investing (in many cases, basically purchasing options to purchase) in the units before the ground is broken. These units are typically condos in areas that are in high demand.

This is a mutually beneficial arrangement for some developers or ‘proprietors’ of the property in question because ‘pre-selling’ the units permits loaning specialists to believe in the practicality of the task as a cash worker by selling large numbers of the units without having seen anything beforehand. The advantage for investors is that they can purchase at a much lower price before construction begins and then sell at the full market value (or higher in some areas where real estate is in high demand but undersupplied).

For some, investing in this manner is not nearly as glamorous as flipping houses. Beauty renovations are like no other. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when carrying out this kind of transaction.

First of all, despite what the glitzy brochures claim, no real estate venture is guaranteed to succeed. Even though these things tend to change regularly, and that market could be looking up again very shortly, this is typically not the best environment for pre-construction investing with the current trends in property sales. Nonetheless, these things tend to change.

Second, most of the time, networking is the best way to get into this business. There are numerous would-be fly-by-night real estate investors. Those who build relationships with other real estate agents and have particular expertise and interests in investments made before construction begins to pay off. To obtain more information more quickly, join local and online groups that deal specifically with this kind of investment. Although the costs may initially appear prohibitive, they are significantly lower than the costs of becoming financially overwhelmed due to a lack of understanding of even the most fundamental aspects of pre-construction real estate investing.

Thirdly, build a close relationship with a real estate agent who specializes in this kind of investing in real estate. This could end up being the best thing you ever do to ensure success in the future. By fostering the right connection with the right real estate agent you can get data on new properties before they come to the public area. This sets you up to take down the opposition to the punch. You will have a much better chance of getting the lowest prices possible if you do this than if you wait too long to buy something.

Fourth, if you have to, be prepared to keep the property for a while. The issue with investing before construction is that there are no assurances that you will have “sealed the deal” when the time comes. Even when you have a buyer who is eager and willing to buy, things come up. To put it another way, there will be times when you will need to keep the property for a short period or use it as an investment for the long term. A few choices on account of long-haul holds would incorporate leasing the property out to travelers if it is in a popular vacation region. Your real estate agent can assist you with that. This permits the property to acquire some pay until the deal can be made. Others decided to keep the property as their vacation home for friends and family. In the end, what matters most is that the property has a “Plan B” in case the deal fails and you have to pay the monthly note.

Although pre-construction real estate investing lacks the “name in the light” appeal of other types of investing, it nonetheless offers a viable investment strategy with the potential to generate substantial profits. The situation with regards to putting is beneficial so remember this while thinking about your venture choices. In most cases, this is one of the types of investing that requires the least amount of money upfront.

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